Are lecturers responsible for motivating students to learn?

Actually, I strongly agree with that statement, because it is a part of education and benefit both lecturers and students. The first reason is that motivating students to learn is a part of education. Not only should a lecturer giving knowledge, but also should she/he pass the desiration of learning. As a great educator, Wang Hongwei in China said “A mediocre  teacher tells, a good teacher explains, a superior teacher demonstrates, and a great teacher inspires.” Without motivating students, it may means that a lecturer does not make his own work done. So there should be aware for lecturers to take the responsibility as a part of education.

Although the first reason I mentions above is important, the most significant reason is that it will benefit both of the lecturers and students. If the lecturer take the responsibility to motivate students, there will be a great changes in study process. As it is in a research, to finish the same task of learning, the students with aspiration can reduce 40% time than others, and the quality of the former`s paper are always much higher than the latter`s. Thus, encourage students plays a key role to teach better, and in return the lecturer may benefit from the easier study of students.

Maybe, someone disagrees with it. They think that the students should be self-motivated. Self-motivated may be more effective and kept longer. The self-motivated students want to study naturally and sincerely. It will not be disturbed or interrupted. However, the students are usually too youth to be self-motivated. Not only does the teacher play a role as a knowledge passer, but as a life guidance. So the task is owing to the lecturers.

From all the aspects, we found that the advantage of lecturers to take responsible for motivating students to learn. If we all accept it, there will be more easier to learn for all the students for sure.


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