Are lecturers responsible for motivating students to learn?

Actually, I strongly agree with that statement, because it is a part of education and benefit both lecturers and students. The first reason is that motivating students to learn is a part of education. Not only should a lecturer giving knowledge, but also should she/he pass the desiration of learning. As a great educator, Wang Hongwei in China said “A mediocre  teacher tells, a good teacher explains, a superior teacher demonstrates, and a great teacher inspires.” Without motivating students, it may means that a lecturer does not make his own work done. So there should be aware for lecturers to take the responsibility as a part of education.

Although the first reason I mentions above is important, the most significant reason is that it will benefit both of the lecturers and students. If the lecturer take the responsibility to motivate students, there will be a great changes in study process. As it is in a research, to finish the same task of learning, the students with aspiration can reduce 40% time than others, and the quality of the former`s paper are always much higher than the latter`s. Thus, encourage students plays a key role to teach better, and in return the lecturer may benefit from the easier study of students.

Maybe, someone disagrees with it. They think that the students should be self-motivated. Self-motivated may be more effective and kept longer. The self-motivated students want to study naturally and sincerely. It will not be disturbed or interrupted. However, the students are usually too youth to be self-motivated. Not only does the teacher play a role as a knowledge passer, but as a life guidance. So the task is owing to the lecturers.

From all the aspects, we found that the advantage of lecturers to take responsible for motivating students to learn. If we all accept it, there will be more easier to learn for all the students for sure.



Hi guys! I’m back! So, this time i’m going to ‘teach’ you ‘How to Cook Traditional or Kampung Fried Rice’ ! Hope you enjoy! xoxo



Hi babies!! It’s me again! The one and only, üt ! So, in this third post i promise you, you won’t regret or bored reading my article. Because i think this topic that i’m gonna talk about today is quite interesting. It’s about……..*drumroll* FAMOUS PEOPLE!! YAYYYY!!

So, as you can see the picture above, (well, maybe some of you already know who that is or maybe some of you still have no idea who that is. LOL). Today i’m gonna about the “King of Highnotes” Can you guess who? YES. ZAYN MALIK. ZAYN JAVADD MALIK. MY KING. MY SUNSHINE. MY BABY. MY EVERYTHING. (sorry for fangirling too much already bc i just can’t help it :p ) 


Zayn Malik. Should i introduce him? Yes? Okay. So, Zayn was born on January 12, 1993 in West Lane, Baildon, Bradford, England. Zayn was born to British-Pakistani father, Yaser Malik and English mother, Patricia (Trisha) Malik. He has 3 sisters named Doniya, Waliyha and Safaa.

Zayn grew up in East Bowling, located south of the Bradford city centre. He was a student at Lower Fields Primary School in East Bowling and went to Tong High School, a state comprehensive school. Zayn and all of his family are Muslim. He is also a former member of One Direction. (before i continue, let’s not talk about the sad part bc i’m gonna get emotional lol.) But here’s a beautiful picture of Zayn with One Direction before he left. 🙂


On 29 January 2016, Zayn released his single “Pillowtalk” along with the music video. Pillowtalk was debuting at #1 on iTunes in 90 countries selling more than 3.2 Million singles and making Zayn the only one of two male artists to debut at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2016. *APPLAUSE*


On 25 March 2016, Zayn was released his debut solo album “Mind of Mine”. He became the first UK male artist to debut at #1 in the US and UK. He has released 5 music videos so far. They’re “Pillowtalk”, “Befour”, “It’s You”, “Like I Would” and “Cruel”. Actually “Cruel” was not posted by himself, it was posted by Snakehips on the Snakehips‘ channel.

Now, the last but not least, i want to talk about his Fashion. On August 13 2016, He announced via his Twitter that he would be teaming up with Giuseppe to launch a shoe line, titled GiuseppexZayn. Giuseppe announced the line would be available in January 2017. Here’s a sneak peek of GiuseppexZayn collection !


I think that’s all for today guys! Hope you guys like it and start liking Zayn Malik for now (LOL). Here are some Photoshoots of Z to bright up your day! xx

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Fantasy World (Dufan)


Hi babies! I’m backk!! Wait, should i introduce myself again? Umm.. i don’t think so. You don’t think so too, right? Well then, Great!

So, since my last post or you can say my first post in this blog, today for my second post i want to introduce my hometown to you guys. Actually, not the ‘hometown’ that i want to introduce to you guys but one of the landmarks that my hometown has.


Oh, i almost forgot to tell you. My hometown is Jakarta. Yes, The Special Capital Region of Jakarta. So, my hometown, Jakarta, has so many landmarks such as ; National Monument Indonesia (everybody calls it “Monas”), TMII, Ancol Dreamland, Fantasy World (Dunia Fantasi/Dufan), National Museum of Indonesia, Istiqlal Mosque, Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, etc.


Today, i want to talk about the Fantasy World or Dufan. Let’s just say Dufan. You know what? The great coincidence about the name Dufan is that it’s pronounced as “Do Fun”. So you can say that you go to Dufan to “do fun“.


Dufan is a theme park with rides and water features and is located in North Jakarta. Dufan has so many rides and attractions for children and adults. There are so many rides that you can find at Dufan such as ; Rollercoaster (of course, duh), Carousel, Bianglala, Hysteria, Alap-Alap, Rajawali, Tornado, Kora-Kora , Kicir-Kicir, Ombang-Ombang, Ontang-Anting, Arung Jeram and many more.


Now i want to talk about Kora-Kora. Kora-Kora is a giant ship that swings you to and from, up and down. It’s commonly known as “The Pirate Ship“. As you’re taken high up, and the swing changes direction, you’re bound to feel weightlessness. Kora-Kora is one of my favorite rides in Dufan. Everytime i went to Dufan, i can play with it like 5 until 8 times. Some people maybe scared or maybe don’t even want to try or see it but i don’t. I liked it. I have no idea why. LOL.

Okay, i think that’s all i want to tell you about one of the landmarks in my hometown guys. I’m sorry if it’s ‘boring’ because this is for my assignment actually. LOL. Sorry!

( PS. Please don’t forget to comment down below your thoughts about my writing guys! It’ll mean the world to me! Thank you! xx )

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High School Life (Habits)


Hi babies! First thing first, let me introduce myself. My name is Putri Aulia Maharani. I’m 18. You can call me uti, ute, or ut’s it’s okay. I’m a student at President university. I’m majoring in Business Administration, batch 2016.

By the way, this is my first time writing. Actually, not really the first time in the ‘blog’ world but the first time ‘writing’ an article. I’ve been ‘blog-ing’ since I was in JHS, such as tumblr and stuff.

So, yeah this is my first time writing article. As you can see the title above, I want to tell you about my High School life/habits.


Since i was in Junior High School, Senior High School, even in Elementary School and until now, I never came late. Me and my mom in my family are the morning persons. But no for my younger sister and my dad. Because my mom is a morning person, so me and my sister automatically always wake up early. We used to wake up at 3:40AM. Sick, right? I know. Yeah, that’s my mom. But because of that, because she’s always wake us up at 3:40AM i automatically become a morning person until now and used to never came late to school.

My mom used take us to school at 5:45AM and arrived at 6AM or even sometimes LESS than 6AM. YES Hunty, this is a real story, and YES, das my mom.


When i arrived at school, i used to put my bag first and then go to the toilet to check if there’s something wrong with my outfit or nah. Then i go back to my class. Yeah. ALONE. I used to feel like i’m the only person on earth. Seriously.

Time by time flies. Minutes by minutes flies. I still have nothing to do. But one by one of my classmates arrived. And i used to ask if there is any homework for today or not. (LOL. Don’t laugh at me, i know you did that too, when you were in HS :p ). If there is any homework, i used to copy my friend’s work first before the bell ring.


LUCKILY, i always have the bestest classmates ever since i was in Elementary School until Senior High School. They never mind how many times or how often i copied their HW! HeHeHeHeHe. (SHOUTOUT TO MY CLASSMATES SINCE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!! YAS).


BUT, it doesn’t mean i always copy their HW. Sometimes i’ve done mine first and they copied mine and i didn’t mind. But yeah, mostly i copied them. LOL. I think that’s one of the benefits of arriving at school early. :p

Well, i guess that’s enough for the ‘embarrassing myself‘ moment. I hope you guys like my very first writing an article. Thank you so much for reading this.

All the love, üt ♡